Wednesday, November 03, 2004

November 3rd. Angry, scared, and depressed.

It's nearly 9 a.m. Polish time on Wednesday November 3rd. I woke up this morning to the news that it seems likely that Bush will win the US election. Here are my instant responses.

The USA has basically just held up its collective middle finger and said "Fuck You" to the world. As a citizen of the Rest Of The World, I feel quite justified in holding up my middle finger and saying "Fuck You America". If I had a US flag and a can of lighter fluid I'd go down the US consulate and burn the hideous thing.

Four more years of war, of theft, of viciousness, of polluting the planet to within an inch of its life, and of religious and imperial fundamentalism. Or perhaps just mentalism. There is nothing good about this news. Absolutely nothing. The world is fucked, and US voters have fucked it. Thanks guys.

And if I'm angry and scared and depressed right now, how must others be feeling? Palestinians know that Bush has basically told Sharon that he can keep whatever bits of the West Bank he wants. Syrians know that they will probably now be bombed and killed and their homes flattened between now and 2008. Likewise Iranians. People in low lying countries or regions know that their homes will soon vanish under the rising seas while the US churns out vast quantities of shit into the atmosphere unchecked.

This result is an unmitigated disaster with no silver lining. Fuck America. Fuck it, fuck that fucked up country.

Sorry to all my American readers, who may feel offended by this. Probably more than half of my friends are American and in all my years living there I have only met one self-professed Bush voter. If this result just affected you and your nation, it would be merely an example of one of the failings of democracy. As it is it effects all of us. Every single one. And approximately 50% of the American poublic (who voted) think that Bush is worth electing. Well fuck those people. They have fucked all of us. I hate you. Bastards.

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Anonymous said...

To borrow the words of someone who in hindsight seems a great president: I feel your pain.

I've been here in the US for eight years now and I've never felt this depressed about the state of the world.

In the 60s and 70s the US killed millions of innocent people in South East Asia. I have always wondered why there was never any payback for that. You don't hear of any Vietnamese terrorism against the US.

As became abundantly clear on September 11 2001, that is not true for all cultures that have been slighted by the US.

There is going to be a price to pay for the crimes against humanity that America is now committing in the Middle East. Unfortunately, Western European leaders like Tony Blair and my own prime minister have their collective heads so far up America's ass that we'll probably get hit by the backlash as well.

For nation-states like Iran and Brazil the only rational thing to do is to build up a nuclear armory. Nonproliferation is dead.

We're fucked!