Sunday, March 13, 2005

Greece is the Word

Not really a proper blog post, as I'm in a cafe, and don't have the time, wherewithal, or desire to spend a long time writing. However, I am writing a longer post on my own computer and will hopefully be able to post it before long.

So, I'm in Athens (the one in Greece, not the one where REM come from), and it's brill. It's shot into my top five cities of the world list. It's also carnival in Greece at the moment (being Orthodox, Greece has a different easter from the Catholic/Protestant world, and carnival is moved accordingly), so lots of late night japery is ongoing. Last night we walked back to out hotel from a restaurant at 2.30 and the streets were packed. This may have just been a normal Saturday night thing though. I'll send a full report next week sometime.

Last weekend, the one I didn't know where I was going, was spent in Becs (there's an acute accent on that e but I can't work it out on this keyboard). If you know where Becs is you know where I was, if you don't you'll just have to wait until I send my report (or google it if you're desperate). It was great.

Oh, and you'll need to know that the scum of Steaua beat the mighty heros of Ciskszereda 4-3 in the final game, and hence won the series by the same score. It's an old old story - rich capital city based playthings of alleged dangerous mobster with a compliant media, helpful officiating, and plastic fans beat passionate and deserving team from the provinces.

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