Sunday, July 03, 2005

Last post for a while

I'm starting a one-month intensive teacher training course tomorrow so will probably be offline for a while. Should be interesting, though, I enjoy training this course and this time I'm doing it for a bunch of people I know (one of whom is Erika, assuming she's physically up to it).

For the next couple of days I recommend the video that you can find here on the Euronews page (the one about Ethnic Hungarians in Romania). The first village shown, Makfalva is between here and Marosvasarhely/Targu Mures, which we drive through everytime we go and visit Erika's family. The second third of the clip is in Marosvasarhely itself. It's quite a good little clip for seeing how things are here. I don't know how long it will be available online though. No longer than this week, I'd imagine.

Yesterday I was in our local corner shop buying bread. The assistant typed in the cost in new lei (RON), had to mentally multiply by 10,000 to tell me the price, I paid in ROL(old Lei), and she had to once again mentally change what I paid her into RON so she could put it in the till, which then told her how much change I needed in RON, but she only had ROL to give me, so she had to do it again. If nothing else it will make the shop assistants of Romania highly proficient in multiplying and dividing by 10,000. I still haven't seen any of the new currency.

Some websites you might be interested in:
200 Globes
Google Earth. This one's a piece of software to download and play with, you get to "fly" around the world "visiting" places from above (through satellite photos). If you want to look down on me type in Miercurea Ciuc, Romania and fly in (after you have done it the first time, fly somewhere else and then come back - once the pics are all loaded in it looks much better the second time)

I'll try and post something each weekend for the next four, but probably that will be it. Cheers all, and have a good July

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