Thursday, November 24, 2005

Name Game

Time marches on and we really have to come up with a name for our daughter before long, or otherwise she'll be here and we'll just have to call her "girl" or something. My family had a cat for a long time which was called "cat" so I have some previous for this one.

So, we've whittled down the choices to a few. We first went through a book of acceptable Hungarian names (including such old style Magyar names as Dzsenifö. That may not have been the exact spelling but it was something like that. Those who have no idea what that might sound like need to think of the first name of US Hispano star Ms Lopez, who for a while went by J Lo. No doubt there are Hungarian spellings of lots of names of current stars of MTV. Mödanö? Britni? Kajli?). Then I eliminated the names which while acceptable in Hungarian are actually only used for old women in the UK. Agnes for example (sorry, Agnes). While Erika eliminated the names which I had chosen which were unacceptable for other reasons. Elena for example, which I had forgotten was also the name of Mrs. Ceausescu.

So we are left with the following possibilities, some or all of which may end up being appended to the kicsi bobo when she pops out. Paula (pronounced in the Hungarian/Italian way, rather than the English Paul-with-an-a-on-the-end). Beata. Ana. Reka. Mia (the problem with this last one, while we both like it, it's sounds a bit like a kind of a rude "village" way of saying "excuse me would you mind awfully repeating that my good man?")

Who knows? Frankly it's a huge responsibility which at the same time is meaningless. I mean obviously I'd never have considered naming my biological child "Bogi", but it fits her like a glove, and now that word only has one connotation in my mind, and it's her.

So there we go. We'll come up with a name somehow, sometime. And anyway, she could still of course be a boy, which would render all this talk meaningless. (Most of what's on here is meaningless to be honest).

Big day tomorrow. I'll let you know why afterwards.

Oh and happy thanksgiving to all my US American readers. Yes, there are some, really.


Andy H said...

I'd like to point out that Beata and Reka are not pronounced "beater" and "wrecker"

Michael Furey said...

Always liked the name 'Enikő'. Anglicized perhaps as e-niko, as in the e-Velvet Underground. Though in Hongalul it could be translated 'Any stone' ;)