Thursday, April 20, 2006


I am back home in Csikszereda now, bearing gifts of Sheffield Wednesday paraphernalia (for Bogi - borderline child abuse though it may be), clothes (for Paula), perfume (for Erika) and curry paste (for me). Two weeks was way too long to be away from everyone, but happily they don't seem to have forgotten me.

In other news, we have sold our flat and are moving to another one in early May. No idea what this means for regular blogging but it probably means the less frequent posts of the last couple of months will be the norm for a while longer.


Romerican said...

Must be the spring air as I'll also be switching apartments.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog with balanced comments and good understanding of local (Csikszereda) things.
May I reccommend you a nice web site? (I've no relation of any kind with the owners of site...) I'm waiting for other posts...