Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Gabriel Lambescu

Just got this link from my Dad, an obituary of Gabriel Lambescu, conservation architect. Have to admit I'd never heard of him up until now (always a shame when you read of someone who seems like a wonderful person - but it's in an obituary). But I have stayed in the Casa cu Cerb in Sighisoara (and it's bloody gorgeous) and have visited the castle at Cris (which despite it being a Saxon area was one of the many homes of one of the seemingly many Bethlens (Gabor, possibly).

Anyway, just thought I'd recycle it here and tip my hat and pay my respects to Mr Lambescu.


Romerican said...

Nice to see he worked on the castle in Hunedoara -- easily one of the top Must See destinations of Romania (however ignored by the Ministry of Tourism).

Anonymous said...

hi andy! i got a C at the CAE!!!!! :)))) I'm soooo happy!