Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Some small notes about this blog

You may have noticed I've been a bit more active this week. I hope to keep it up. I've also made a couple of changes elsewhere - on the right hand side, near the top, just under that Dopplr thing that takes forever to load and tells you where I am (just in case of the remote possibility that you give a shit), there's something called a Twitter feed (I think). It's basically a one sentence thing saying what I'm doing at that moment (well, or at the moment when I last updated it). The advantage of it is that I can update it by text message, so I can sort of add stuff to the blog when I'm in weird places far from the Internet. I suspect i'll get bored of it soon, but for now, it's amusing me.

Further down that column near the bottom is a representation in flags as to where the visitors for this site are coming from. I put it on a couple of days ago, and at the moment the first place appears to be a straight fight between Romania and the USA. Not quite sure why I'm getting so many hits from the US, but I do have a fair few of friends there, so I suspect that's got something to do with it.

This blog also exists elsewhere (and has done for a while) on wordpress here. I put it there ages ago, thinking I'd go the whole hog and put all of it there, since I like the way it looks more. But then I thought it was a bit unfair on the people who've been kind enough to link here to force them to change the link, so I haven't done so. It gets updated much less often than this one and with exactly the same content, so you're not missing anything.

I'm still tinkering, so expect to see a few more changes in the next few weeks. That photo I've put up is bugging me, for example, so I reckon I'll take it down fairly soon (as soon as I can locate a replacement).

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