Thursday, December 17, 2009

More media coverage of 1989

Obviously I could just list a bunch of articles here, but I've tried to handpick the most interesting ones

The BBC: "Eljen Laszlo Tokes - Szabadsag"
Radio Free Europe: "Ceausescu was sitting and I was looking at his testicles"
The Times: "The situation has worsened so much that many people have in their minds, in my view, a mistaken nostalgia for the Communist era"
BBC (video): "85 of the 100 richest people in Romania today are former top communists"
(That last one will soon be superseded by a much longer podcast in which John Simpson - a bit of a hero of mine - looks back to 1989 here and then to today, which will very soon appear here. I'm keeping my eye open)

And nothing to do with the 1989, but fascinating all the same, an article from Life magazine dated Jan 9, 1939. Interesting on many levels (not least for the dodgy politically incorrect style of writing). I particularly liked the picture of the "vice girl" in a headscarf, swimming costume and slippers, and the Romanian army oxen walking through Bucharest.


Bogdan said...

The TIME magazine article is delicious :)

About the Aromanians (the minority to which Gigi Becali belongs) it says:

"In addition there are the toughest of them -- the mountain Macedonians, the born killers"

Andy H said...

The whole thing is utterly brilliant isn't it? It manages to be disparaging/patronising about pretty much every ethnic group mentioned.

Katharine said...

Eroii nu mor niciodata, indeed.

Katharine said...

I note that the 1930 article says that the fascists were made up of poor peasant boys who were given free scholarships to higher schooling.

Which makes me wonder about why fascists are always poor people (I have a good idea of why, but it's weird) and what we can do to stop fascism at lower levels of society (better education and increasing the number of educated people, mostly, which will help drive the push toward better living conditions), because oddly enough, aspects of fascism seem to be bubbling up in the lower-class white trash of the United States.

Rebecca said...

I love the ariticles you've chossen.

I hope you don't mind that I mentioned you on my most recent blog post =)

Anonymous said...

I liked the cover of the Time magazine, very sweet.
After reading that article from 1939, I'd say there is no much progress in journalism. Most of the journalists still manage to be utterly brilliant :)