Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Romania in the grip of violet flame conspiracy

Just to balance the last post I made, at least in the sense of showing that the British system isn't the only one that is built on a steaming pile of bullshit, Romania is currently going through bizarre political fights over some kind of hocus-pocus "energy attacks" and rings of purple fire and witchcraft and tons of other weird new-age claims and counter claims

There's a news article here and the story is covered in much more amusing depth by Craig over at Bucharest Life - yesterday and today. It's all very amusing/ludicrous/slightly terrifying that these people represent the political elite in this country.


Anonymous said...

I'm usually reluctant to read Bucharest Life because its author has some, uh, rather nonfactual opinions about some matters of scientific fact, but those articles were hysterical.

Rebecca said...

like these aricles, they are pretty "interesting", from a Westerner's point of view... you'd never read those kinds of comments here.