Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Beer news

Romanian beer is decidedly average. The best of the mass produced stuff is Ciuc, made here (and I don't say that because it's a local product, it's just the best there is - I think it's because we have the best water)

However, as I reported some years ago there did briefly appear the very wonderful Sapte Coline.Sadly this excellent beer was only available in its home town, Iasi, and was therefore a bit niche market. (It has, I'm told by my Iasi contacts, since died out).

However, I have just discovered a very nice replacement called MaDonna brewed in Galati. As far as I can tell the brewery doesn't have a website, but there is an article about it here (in Romanian). A real Belgian style beer brewed in Romania, and available throughout the country. Delicious. I am drinking some right now as I type this, and I can thoroughly recommend it. So there you go. Good beer in Romania.

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Anonymous said...

Madonna is definitely OK (for a country with bad beer as Romania), and I like the fact that it's brewed of all places in my birthplace Galati, not the most likely place for niche products,
but I tend to agree with ratebeer.com that Ursus Black and Silva are slightly better.

Of course, it's all a matter of taste (I for one slightly prefer dark beers over belgian style whites) but yes, all these are better than real mass market ones.


P.S. Brewer website (under construction):