Thursday, May 20, 2010

That time of year again

This Saturday is the Pünkösdi búcsú the biggest pilgrimage in Eastern Europe, where Hungarian Catholics from wherever you might find Hungarian Catholics (ie Hungary, mostly) descend on Csikszereda to be pious or some such.

A couple of years ago my friend Denes made a video of me covering it which was almost shown on Duna TV (Hungarian channel), but ultimately wasn't. Anyway here it is (again):

Part 1:

Part 2:

Any TV people who actually want to use this should contact Denes via the you tube page :-)


Anonymous said...

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Albert said...

I liked your coverage of the Bucsu. Your friend Denes did a fine job. Too bad Duna TV didn't go with it. It brought back many memories for it was back in 1998 I went to the Punkosdi Bucsu while visiting Transylvania. It was that trip that I met and married my beautiful wife Ildiko from the town of Alsosofalva also in Harghita. Perhaps there was a little bit of divine intervention - it sounds romantic at least. By the way, I really think your Blog is wonderful and plan on reading it more often since I just now discovered it. I can't wait to once again be in Erdely (this fall I think) and, of course, my wife more so because of her family. Incidentally, you should do more video coverage pertaining to the Harghita area and submit it to "Vannak Videkek" show on Duna TV by Fulop Andras (He is from Erdely and his father, who was a famous Reformatus Priest in Marosvasarhely, grew up in Alsosofalva).

Anonymous said...

Great job! I have very much enjoyed your Punkosdi bucsu coverage. Would be great to see more places, events from Transylvania.

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