Sunday, February 03, 2013

Hard ideas in simple language

Explaining complex ideas in the thousand most common words in English. It's not easy. But here you can try

Here's my effort:

Some people live here. They have been living here for many many years, but they speak a different tongue from the other people who live here. This causes many problems, though it is not really clear what the problem is. Somehow the people from the big group which has the power find it very bad that the other group speak their own way. In the past, the smaller group of today were the bigger group and they had the power and they also got angry with the people who speak the other tongue. Maybe in the days to come people might even be nice to each other. 

But I doubt it.


ernobius said...

I thought there's no point in commenting here. But actually it is. The problems often aren't as complicated as they seem (but they often are harder than anything we've met before. I should know, I study Physics :). Maybe if we'd approach the problem like this, it could help destroy the veil in people's heads.
And I do think there is hope, and there is much hope. (Normally) Most people want to be happy and have stable lives. Even evil deeds are fueled by this wish, but in times like that people don't see clearly. The situation, in its simple beauty and complexity.

This came out almost elevated and poetic. I'm almost proud.

ernobius said...

Quoting Star Wars: A new hope - Look at this biography's end (site in Romanian, I assume you find a way or have people to help)
Look at the love interest of the controversial historic figure.
I find that to be a very powerful symbol.