Saturday, March 23, 2013

Don't tell me...

I've been away for two weeks, and am currently writing from an airport on my way home.  Please tell me this flag bollocks has blown over?

It hasn't has it?

Can we form two new countries - an autonomous region of normal well-adjusted people who can live together in harmony, and a place where all the nationalist cretins (of whatever nationalism) can all live together in disharmony?



Mihaela Nitulescu said...

No, of course not! That's lack of respect for all citizens and you should know better as you come from a country with immigration issues, just like Romania :). How about trying to stop calling names and starting spreading some love? That should help.

Andy Hockley said...

Romania doesn't have immigration issues.

I'm not going to love bigoted nationalists. What good would that do?