Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Romanian Education System (brief reprise)

I thought I had finished with this series, but every now and again something comes along to remind me of what a bunch of useless cretins run education in this country.

In two weeks time it is May 1st.  We've know this for quite a long time.  Not long after that, in fact at the weekend, it is Orthodox Easter. Again, this is not a new piece of information.  People have know about it for a long time.  Centuries in fact.  So, Wednesday May 1st is a public holiday (because May 1st is always a holiday, every year, without fail).  And Orthodox Easter Monday (May 6th this year) is a public holiday (because it always is, etc etc and so on).  Now given all of this, you might have thought that someone, possibly at the beginning of the school year, could have put those facts together and wondered whether it might be worth making this into something of a longer holiday.

But no, this has only been thought about now.  And yesterday, yes, yesterday, a directive was issued from the Ministry that there would be a 6 day holiday from May 1st-6th, and that to make up for it there would be two Saturdays of classes. The first of these Saturdays is this coming one. Two days from now.

If you had plans this weekend? Fuck you, we've changed the timetable.  If you would possibly have liked to have used this 6 day break for a holiday of some sort? Fuck you, you've no time to organise anything.

Now I could speculate that some parent who is high up in the Ministry has decided that he (it will be a he) would like to take his family away for a long weekend then, and he has nothing on this weekend, so there is no real problem with rearranging the nation's timetables for that. But that would just be baseless speculation, so I won't.


VRJúlia said...

First they said , we can work for 5 days +1 hour, and then we don't have to work on Saturdays...It is Thursday, and in our kindergarden we don' t know yet what we have to do this weekend- work or our usually programs ( personaly I have religion hours whit almoust 50 child at the church- only nobody cares about my programs)
This is it....

Craig Turp said...

Except they are not really holidays. The 2nd and 3rd are only days off for civil servants. Banks will be open and many people will have to go to work as normal. And yet schools are closed... It's daft: either make it a proper bank holiday or don't. Why in Romania does it always have to be this halfway house that please nobody?

Craig Turp said...

Except the 2nd and 3rd aren't proper bank holidays. Schools are closed and civil servants have the day off but banks are open and lots of people will have to at least mime going to work. Either make it a bank holiday or do not. Why always these daft half-arsed solutions?