Sunday, December 06, 2015

Standing Up

Sometimes I ask myself what I would have done if I had been German in the 1930s. I am imagining that most liberally minded Europeans have asked themselves the same (what they would have done, not what I would have done - I'm not quite that self-absorbed). 
Would I have resisted and spoken up, at the risk of putting my own life in danger? Would I have kept my head down and hoped that this "phase" would just blow over? Would I have tried to help and shelter those being persecuted?
Increasingly it's beginning to look like I will get to answer this question. As the anti-Muslim rhetoric and attacks rise and become more and more mainstream, what will I do? What will we all do?
(I'm not keen on the term Islamophobia, because it implies the Islamophobes oppose the religion, when in fact it's racism and the anger and hatred is directed at the people. But make no mistakes this wave of anti-Muslim-ism is a vile and virulent form of racism sweeping Europe and the USA. We have to stand and fight it in no uncertain terms.

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