Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Just a quick post to let people know I am alive, working hard, and enjoying my brief sojourn in Barcelona. It´s more expensive than it used to be here (but perhaps that´s because I´m coming from Romania, where stuff costs nothing), everything now is written in Catalan (much more than I remember), so I have yet another language rattling around my brain. As with Romanian it´s the words that are significantly diferent from the other romance languages I know that stick in my mind. Thus in Romanian the word for ´without` (fara) is memorable to me precisely because it is so unlike sem, sin, sans, senza etc. In Catalan it´s the word for ´with` (amb) that sticks. I haven´t yet been brave enough to go up to someone in a bar and ask "Tens foc?", but I dream of that day.

The haircut of choice for young Catalan men seems to be a very short cut with this ridiculous little long bit at the back. I have christened it the "mulletito" but it might have a different name.

It´s also ludicrously hot and humid. But we´re having fun.

Hasta Luego

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