Saturday, September 04, 2004


I realised late this week, that in order to comment on here you had to register, which MUST have been the reason that I was getting so few comments. I've changed the setttings to mean that you no longer need to do that. That will obviously mean that I'll get loads of FoxNews Morons commenting on my "hate Post" after having entered "Dick Cheney" and "utter bastard" into google, but that's life I suppose. If you do comment, please let me know who you are. ("Nojer", clearly I know already who you are)


Anonymous said...


1) I'm sure lots of people are reading your blog. I am! I tend not to post a comment unless I have something tremendously insightful to say, and that happens only embarrassingly rarely.

2) There's a risk (of approximately 100%) that you'll get lots of "comment spam". So you may have to turn anonymous posting off again.

3) Completely understand your hate post. As a democrat (small 'd') I am enormously bothered with that path that the US has taken. Take the 9/11 commission's recommendation, already being implemented by the president. to have one director for all intelligence agencies (CIA, NSA, possibly FBI?). Now imagine John Ashcroft having all that power.


Anonymous said...

I can honestly say that *is* the reason why I haven't posted. I am reading regularly. FYI, addresses Romanian minority-language issues fairly regularly, particularly stuff about the Hungarian community. It's not the best site, but is highlights things you probably won't find anywhere else in English. For instance:

--Soccer Scrimmage.

Phil said...

Aha, yes - now I understand. I must confess I am still reading all your most excellent postings and shall make more of an effort to give you "feedback" (© all management books, everywhere) to "reinforce" (ditto) said quality of postings