Friday, September 03, 2004

Hate post

Sorry, but today's entry will have nothing to do with my life, Romania, my new family or even my trip to Spain. I saw Dick Cheney on TV yesterday. Smiling happily and rallying the simpletons to contribute once again to his Swiss bank account. How anyone can vote for these complete bastards is totally and utterly beyond me. This is an administration which has stuck its middle finger up to the world and said "fuck you"; which has decided that making as much money as possible now is preferable to trying to enusre that there is any future for the planet; which has launched the biggest most deadly money laundering operation in history by invading an entire country to do so and transfer funds directly from taxpayers into the hands of the CEOs of Halliburton et al; which has decided that the principles of freedom and democracy on which the US is founded are fit to be ignored and ridiculed and destroyed; which has decided that it wants to be the last great empire - and to do that it will ensure that there is no world to rule over after it has gone. And still there are people prepared to vote for them? There are only three possible categories of Bush voters - those who are getting a slice of the filthy blood-stained pie, those who are sadists and bigots, and imbeciles. Right now the Republican party is launching its effort to deny the vote to as many African Americans as possible, as it did so successfully four years ago in Florida. The voting machines are rigged. There is no way that these bastards are going to let democracy prevail and leave the results open to the whims of the public. Really, any rational society would actually look first to denying the vote to anyone who professed an interest in casting theirs for Bush/Cheney. History (if there is anyone left to write it) will condemn this regime as the moment when the powerful removed any form of restraint from the military-industrial-corporate complex and allowed it to careen down the hill smashing everything in its path. These people are evil, vicious, bigoted, disgusting, money-grabbing, corrupt, racist, repugnant motherfuckers. Please please please America, kick them out and let them live in exile in the Caymans or somewhere. We won't make it through another 4 years.

/rant over. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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