Friday, May 27, 2005

In praise of karalabe

Karalábe (I could have misspelt that) is the Hungarian word for kohlrabi (I've given up trying to crowbar in a joke involving the former German chancellor and a Jewish religious leader). I don't remember ever seeing it in such quantities anywhere in the world, and even then I haven't ever seen it in its young green form before. (Although having just done a google image search for it, that seems to be its common form, so maybe I'm just misremembering). I don't know what the Romanian word for it is exactly, but it sounds something like Julie. It's ace. Tasty, full-textured and with a little zing on the tongue. Last night Erika made them stuffed with a kind of mushroom risotto. Nagyon, nagyon finom. (very, very delicious)

We'll be away in Targu Mures/Marosvasarhely this weekend, visiting the in-common-laws. All the while my insides will be churning with nerves as Sheffield Wednesday take on Hartlepool United on Sunday afternoon for the right to be promoted to the second division in England. Nojer, occasional commenter to this blog, will (I hope) be keeping me updated via the miracle of SMS as he will be at the game. I wish it was on Saturday so it would be over with quicker.



nojer said...

Will endeavour to keep you updated. You cost me a fortune, you do.

Anyhoo, from the BBC website on the England v Bangladesh cricket match:

"I imagine that England will aim to bat the second day, allowing their out-of-form batsmen to have some time at the crease, before declaring just before the close and having a few overs at Bangladesh.

We know that Vaughan has tickets to watch his beloved Sheffield Wednesday play football in Cardiff on Sunday, and the only way Bangladesh will hold him up would be to bat with much greater conviction and patience in their second innings."

Come on Vaughany!

Andy H said...

Cheers mate. I'll recompense you in some way one day. I did, to be fair, give you constant text updates on progress in the Romanian Ice Hockey finals. I bet not many people can say that.

Anonymous said...

In Romanian is "gulie" .