Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Kyiv (4) - a bunch of pics

Kyiv's most famous confectioner and his master work. Posted by Picasa

A cathedral with green trim Posted by Picasa

A cathedral with blue trim Posted by Picasa

That square where everyone revolted Posted by Picasa

Kyiv Richards Posted by Picasa

Main street, at the weekend when it's closed to traffic Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

How long will these Kyiv musings go on?

No offense, but I am much more interested in Csikszereda. ;)

Anonymous said...

They close the main street to car traffic on weekends?? That is brilliant!

Andy H said...

That's it now. I'm all out of Kyiv.

Mind you I'm too busy to write much else at the mo (much of these Ukrainian things got written on the plane home and edited and posted when I got home)

O.K. said...

What, no pictures of "slut chic"?

You mentioned it enough, you could have illustrated what you were tallking about. Most disappointing... ;-)