Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Vote for me

I have been nominated for two (count em) awards in the 2nd Annual Blog Awards at "A Fistful of Euros" - Go to this page and vote for me (or vote for someone else if you prefer). (I'm entered in the categories "Best Expat Weblog" and "Best Southeastern European Blog")

A Fistful of Euros (or AFOE as they tend to refer themselves) is a pretty big deal out there in the blogosphere*, so I am dead chuffed about this.

Oh, and since I'm highly unlikely to actually win, here's my acceptance of nomination speech:

I'd like to thank all those who nominated me for these prestigious awards. I'd like to thank Erika for her tireless support and my children, step and non-step for allowing me to type things once in a while. I'd also like to thank everyone who reads this blog and has helped to make it what it is today - a rambling, incoherent, mess of half formed opinions, rumours presented as fact, thoughts on the human condition as it pertains to life in a small town in the Carpathians, and generally random observations - without anyone actually reading this thing, I may have given up long ago. So give yourselves a hearty pat on the back, and let that be a warning to you all. In addition, I'd like to thank anyone who has ever put up with me in person.

[*Frankly I have no idea whether AFOE really is a big deal in the Blogosphere, but it does seem to be a fairly heavily visited website and at some stage, all hyperlinks lead to AFOE. What I know about blogging, the blogosphere and such like things can be summed up in the fact that I have absolutely no idea what RSS is. Or why something called Moveable Type is infinitely better than Blogger. Or many other well known facts to the more savvy blogger.]


Vándorló said...

Congrats Andy, I posted a vote for you this morning. I hope a lot more people are directed to your blog as a result.

I was surprised to find mine on the list and have provided some general advice to participants and enthusiasts, just to level the playing field!

Andy H said...

Thanks for the vote. And thanks for the advice. All that vote rigging, sorry, democracy in action sounds like a lot of work. Don't think I'll bother.

Romerican said...

Ya got my vote, boss.

Although I think it will be rather difficult to beat any blog obstensibly written by a female... if she's got any wordsmithing skill at all and/or was not beat terribly hard with The Ugly Stick.

While not dramatically brilliant nor particularly ravishing, the fake-blonde, unmarried petiteanglaise comes to mind. There's just too many forlorn geeks in the blogosphere.

Anywho, cheers on pointless recognition from silly groups. Reminds me of 10 years ago when webmasters would slap all manner of "Top 5% Web Award" stickers on their sites. And those sites who presumed the authority to hand out awards made a few bucks from the resulting traffic.

Eventually it passed. Fun stuff, though. Enjoy the ride! =oD