Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Apologies for absence

My current work schedule involves me spending 8 hours a day hunched over a keyboard typing material for an Educational Management CD Rom, and hence I am not especially desirous of spending my free time hunched over a keyboard typing up amusing slices of life in the eastern Carpathians. Plus my eye's playing up again (it's dust season in Csikszereda). Hence the current lack of activity on this blog. Soz.

Still, to keep you going here are a couple of pictures from last Saturday, from the village of Piricske overlooking the town and across to the mountains on the other side.


Romerican said...

Still snowed in, eh?

I'm happy to report that just a little southwest of you, the weather has been more or less spectacular!

Andy H said...

No, it's gorgeous here too. It's just that there's still snow on the ground in the hills around. It's almost all gone in the town.