Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Odds and Sods

Paula is three months old today. This is big news for a couple of reasons. Firstly we can tell people that she is three months old. Secondly, I can't believe that she is already 1/4 of a year old. How did that happen? She's even grown out of some of her clothes. Thirdly and most importantly, three months appears to be the cut off point for the period of fear. What I mean is that whenever you look on a website for questions regarding baby health, it basically tells you lots of details about what the problem could be, but then says "If the baby isless than three months old see a doctor - IMMEDIATELY" . So it feels good to know that she's made it to three months and any infection panics like the one we had 6 weeks ago when she had to go to hospital, are now much more handleable (by her, and consequently by us).

It's spring. More or less. The weather has warmed up considereably and now is only negative at night. In the daytime for the last week or so it has been really quite nice. There's still snow everywhere, but it just looks dirty now, and drips everywhere.

As the snow has subsided, the true horror of the roads has become apparent. Pot holes have been a fact of life ever since I moved here, but they were small insignificant potholes - at least in comparison with the ones we have now. So bad are they, that they are beginning to spark protests (this is apparently very unusual in this town). We had posters on our road last week, and now this website has appeared. Basically people are getting at the mayor and the town council, and quite reasonably it would seem. For now, though, I avoid driving if at all possible. We must be the only town in Europe in which it is quite reasonable to commute in a four wheel drive SUV. (as opposed to anywhere else aside from remote hamlets or farms, where ownership of an SUV is a gas guzzling dick extension for the terminally inadequate).


Anonymous said...

In here, in Bucharest, the roads have rather few potholes. Probably because this winter was not as harsh as the previous years and there was little snow.


Jeannie said...

My mother was born in Csiksereda back in '22.
How hard do you think it would be for me to try and locate a history of my mother's family?

Andy H said...

Good question, and one which i have no idea ofthe answer to, Jeannie. When did she leave, nd did her whole family go, or do you know if they left any cousis etc behind? I could ask around if you give me some details.

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