Friday, June 02, 2006

Pilgrimage weekend

It's pilgrimage time again in Csikszereda. As I reported last year - go to May 2005 in the archive column, and then scroll down the page for details. Sadly though today it is absolutely pissing it down. Hopefully it will clear up tomorrow so that all the Transylvanian Catholics can enjoy their annual adventure without getting soaked.

It's also the Hargita megyenapok (Harghita County Days / Zilele Harghita Judetului (sp/gr?)), which means the main square visible from our new flat is buzzing with stalls and events and people drinking Ciuc beer and eating Mici. Or at least it was yesterday when the weather was nice. Today it is deserted and decidely damp looking. Shame really.

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Anonymous said...

My name is mark I used to live about 45 Km from there in Udvarhely as Peace Corps Volunteer. I just wanted to say that I randomly came upon your blog and enjoy it and the pictures very much. I miss the Szekelyfold a great deal and must say I am quite jealous. Next time you're enjoying a Fekete Csiki sor and some mici (which was everyday all summer when I lived there) know that a random yank would do damn near anything for one...