Saturday, June 03, 2006


For one day a year, Csikszereda is the second biggest city in Romania. That day was today, when 500,000 people descended upon us for the annual pilgrimage to Somlyo (Sumuleu-Ciuc in Romanian) (The half million figure came from the news programmes of both Duna TV (Hngarian) and ProTV (Romanian)). It's a big deal. (The biggest catholic pilgrimage in Central and Eastern Europe according to one of those stations.) My mum was actually interviewed by ProTV as they wanted to show how many foreigners came, but they didn't use her on TV - instead preferring an American, an Australian and a Brazilian.

500,000 is a lot of people in one place by the way. I once lived in a country with a population 1/5th of that number.

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Romerican said...

Shucks, that would have been supercool. Come to visit your wayward son in the wilds of Szekely and go home with a DVD-copy of yourself on national TV. Hope y'all had a good time.