Monday, October 30, 2006

Fall Back

I hate it when the clocks go back. Not the act of putting them back so much, or the day itself (though I also reject this weird conceptual argument that it "gives you an extra hour in bed" - how? It's a Sunday. Unless you attend a 8 am mass, you really don't get an extra hour in bed, since you have no reason to get up early anyway).

It's the fact that subsequent to this chronometric retrogression, the evenings, which previously were gently "drawing in", in one fell swoop vanish entirely from the daylit schedule. It sucks. I understand that this year the US hasn't gone back at the same time as Europe (or even Canada), because Congress has voted in something called the "Halloween Act" so that kids can trick or treat in more daylight. Seriously, I'm not making that up.

It also, of course, heralds winter, and round these parts winter is a long tiring slog. According to the news yesterday, winter is coming. I couldn't work out when it was coming, but presumably it is soon, since the news that winter is coming sometime is not really news at all.

Anyway, it's half term and we are off to the in-laws for a week, and I will therefore be offline. Enjoy halloween, the day of the dead and whatever other events come up this week.


Anonymous said...

I live in the US, and changed my clock as ever on saturday night so did everyone I know. That having been said, individual states are free to set their "time policy" as they see fit, Hawaii for example doesn't have daylight savings time at all. So, some states my have said "Halloween Act" but not nationally.

Anonymous said...

In Hungary everyone gets the day off on November 1 to do the day of the dead thing. I am assured by my Erdelyi better hafl that this is not the case in Romania, and having lived there for two years I would confirm this but I pathetically can't remember. Nor can I remember whether they officially have the day off in Poland, where it is also a big deal, although I am sure few people work on the 1st. What is the helyzet in Csíkszereda?

Freudian Slip said...

I totally agree. I never got the whole changing the clocks thing either. I'll tell you what though, when we move them back, that sure does feel like we got jipped an hour's worth of sleep!

Andy H said...

Your Erdelyi better half is right, anon (2). See today's post for a more in depth response.

Anonymous said...

Du Andi, Du bist ein kleines Arschloch...Du arme blöde looser!