Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bob Lung

My new favourite Romanian word, replacing “crap” (see this post from ages ago) is “Bob Lung”. OK, OK. It’s my favourite Romanian two word expression, rather than just one word. Bob lung means “long grain” and as such appears on packets of rice. You’ll be walking round the supermarket when suddenly you’ll see a bag of bob lung. Occasionally, it’s even Uncle Ben’s Bob Lung, which could only feasibly be improved if it were Uncle Ben’s Lung, Bob. Or possibly Ben's Uncle, Bob Lung.

My nephew's name is Ben. Perhaps I should go the whole hog and change my name to Bob Lung.


Romerican said...

Hah! That was great.

Anonymous said...

heyy ! my dad's name is bob lung! not kidding here :] haha