Monday, December 19, 2005

I look like Prokofiev

According to this site, I look a little bit like Sergei Prokofiev (60% like him to be exact). I also look 66% like Howard Dean and 63% like the kid who plays Harry Potter. And I look 53% like Nicolae Ceausescu. Fortunately I think it's utter rubbish and I don't look anything like any of them. It's supposed to be a demo of face recognition technology. As demos go, it's not that successful.

Baby watch

Still no sign. I think, astrologically speaking, she's verging on changing from an archer to a goat.


Anonymous said...

Bah! For me it says that I look 65% like Hillary Clinton, 63% like Tarja Turunen, 62% like Sid Vicious and 53% like Sandra Bullock!


Nathan Hamm said...

The site's way too kind. It told me I look like Johnny Depp. (and then went on to make up for it by pointing out a bunch of less attractive schlubs I look like...)

Anonymous said...

well, ... i m quite surprised,... I fit the most with liv Taylor.
I m ok with the bunch of other women i *look like*, but I cannot really identify myself with the guy I look like ;)
Oh,... I allready forgot the name, never heard it before.