Saturday, December 17, 2005

Monitor Blizzard

There's an insane snowstorm going on outside right at this moment (and it seemingly came from nowehere - 30 minutes ago there were blue skies). If Erika goes into labour in the next few hours we're screwed.

Later addition in keeping with the title: It's stopped now. Only lasted about an hour in the end. All we need now is for the roads to be cleared and we're laughing.


Anonymous said...

I'm a random Czech-speaking passerby with a public service announcement for you. "Pastinák" is the Czech word word for parsnip. It isn't a Slavic word, I think it actually comes from Latin, since the scientific name for parsnips is "Pastinaca sativa" and "pastinaca" is apparently the Spanish word.

On the other hand, Pastrňák is a not-uncommon name. I guess I wouldn't be surprised if it was after parsnips, since Czechs very often have names that mean funny things.


Anonymous said...

Some online dictionary says:

from L. pastinaca "parsnip, carrot," from pastinum "two-pronged fork" (related to pastinare "to dig up the ground") so called from the shape of the root.