Sunday, January 01, 2006


At some point today, this blog will receive its 10,000th vistor. (Or at least the 10,000th since I installed a site meter in May) Will it be you?

Hope you're enjoying 2006 so far.

Later update: Visitor number 10,000 came at 6.44pm Romanian Time, and was logged in from the server in Bucharest. That's all I can tell you, but if you can prove it was you, come to Miercurea Ciuc and I'll buy you a Kurtos Kalacs.

A kurtos kalacs, yesterday.


Maktaaq said...

Damn, I wish that was me! That thing looks interesting!

Andy H said...

I think it's called Colac Secuiesc in Romanian. It's the local speciality. Basically sweet milk bread cooked on a barbecue.

Anonymous said...

I entered your blog Sunday afternoon, and after reading this post I hit the 'Sitemeter' button on the right, and I could read "Total ... 10,000" !
I indeed am from Bucharest and using RDS.
Anyway, I am regular reader of your blog, so I guess I'm worth the honour of being the 10,000th!

Hope you have a happy 2006


Andy H said...

Congratulations "L". Next time you venture north of the Carpathians let me know, and I'll get you that kurtos kalacs

gyuri said...

That Kurtos Kalacs looks great.I want one too.What my mother used to doo.I miss the home and the mountins.:)
The romanians says too Kurtos kalacs only yhet they can't spell it corectly.
I was makong myself too at home but here at florida i can't find what i need for(a good fire and the others)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you and afriend could make these and sell them for fund raiser? Creaing income is often a challenge...but some great inventions have come from the efforts
Life IS Good³

Anonymous said...

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