Sunday, January 08, 2006

Number 5!

You'll be excited to know that this blog is the fifth most influential expat blog in Central Europe. I'm not 100% convinced that Romania is actually in Central Europe, but there you go.

Don't believe me? Look here.

Still a fair way behind Doug and Claudia in Bucharest, mind you.


Carmen Holotescu said...

Sincere congratulations, Andy!


romesperi said...

Ah, well maybe Romania isn't in Central Europe (in fact, it's in Southeastern Europe), but Transylvania - and by extension, Szekely Land - is definitely a Central European region :)


Dezso said...

Hi Andy,

Congratulations for the quality of your blogging first of all!
I should have commented this earlier.
As far as my point of view is concerned I tend towards counting Romania as Central Europe. At least culturally. I have had a lot of contact with various Central European people and befriended with quite a few of them. Thus, I have a sense of who is from a CE culture and who's not. So, this 'empathic radar of mine' is the main divider finally! Yes, I have Romanian friends as well. (Not just Szekely's of course!)
Cheers and keep your hood up outside ;),

Romalien said...

Romalien is a new community for expats/tourists in Romania.