Thursday, January 04, 2007


I wish to campaign for an end to PDF links on the Internet. Or at least that all PDF links should be clearly marked as such so that you don't have to open them. Adobe Acrobat is such a bloody temperamental programme that seems to freeze up the computer in one of every 4 tries. As you may have guessed I've just lost a long blog post that I was in the middle of when I inadvertently opened a PDF file in another window. I hate it. Stupid bloody programme. Christ I'm furious.

I've discovered that "PDF" stands for "Portable Document Format". That's to distinguish PDF documents from all those other non-portable documents. Like stuff carved into rocks 4000 years ago, then. Another reason to hate it - a stupid "branded" name that essentially means nothing.


octiliniu said...

try this:

R! said...

Agreed and agreed. I firmly believe that PDFs-in-the-browser make for a terrible user experience.

Developers should absolutely use some scripting to force download dialogue (or otherwise clearly mark things as PDF).

Nothing worse than losing control of your browser/machine for 2+ minutes while some PDF loads itself.

(You might also try the FoxIt PDF Reader, which is free and loads a fark of a lot faster than the Adobe reader.)