Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Speak, the (unspeakable) Hungarian Rapper

The worst song ever written? You decide.

"Sometimes people start a war, don't know what it's for"


Miskolcs1913 said...

I just viewed this video and well the singing isn't the best, but then I can't sing either. So credit to these guys for getting together and doing it. But more importantly the singing is not really important as the words of the song are. Just listen to the words as it makes you think.
I too wish to see peace around the world, but unfortunately there are others that don't share the same view point. Good luck to the Hungarian group.

Jason said...

Miskolcs.. you're kidding right? Ok, firstly, they clearly don't have a good grasp of the english language. Secondly, they are playing on things that everyone is going to agree to. No one wants war, yes, the world is big. Great. Never forget Sept 11. I mean come on. How is this going to make anyone think!?! Wars are much more complicated then "the world is big, let's all just live together, stop fighting, don't know why you're fighting... yee, come on, that's right, check" I mean please!! PLEASE! "yee, come on, that's right, check" What the hell does that even mean? This song will not make anyone think. As least they won't think anything other then "is this song for real??"

But yes, Good luck to "Speak" the Hungarian, I for one would love to hear their next piece "Feed the children of africa" with such lines as "there food for everyone, don't eat so much, give the children hungry food, yee, come on, that's right". Nuff said.

Jay Spears said...

Greetings from NY. Speak is huge in the states. That song has been #1 in the charts here for 4 years now! I actually plan on naming my first child Speak. 2Pac Shakur RIP, You were the best, My Respect! Yee Come On.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yee Speak is the MAN!!

Check out this webpage about Speak!

Anonymous said...

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