Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The unkindest cut

A Romanian surgeon was having a bad day, and decided to (and you may wish to cross your legs now) chop off some poor bloke's john thomas. And the damages awarded are somehow likely to mean that "in future doctors may have to think very carefully about what work they undertake." I certainly hope that they give pause to any doctor tempted to vent his stress and anger on the nearest innocent member.

It's a brutal way to deal with stress, whichever way you slice it (as it were)


Romer!can said...

Shocking! I find it incredibly hard to believe the medical community, apparently, decried the application of monetary penalties!

In any sane place, the doctor should roundly condemned, lose his license, and face a trial for jail time due for such an atrocious assault.

Good lord...

Romer!can said...

I just saw that he was convicted for grievous bodily harm, but the one year jail term was suspended. In effect, you can tell the people he was "convicted" to quiet any criticism, but the man serves no time.

In addition, he does not lose his license. He is merely suspended from practice for 3 years. I find that absolutely appalling. He should never be allowed to engage in surgery again, at the very least, let alone be barred from all future medical (mal)practice.

Insane. Totally insane.