Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Going to the dogs

The counterpoint of the following two sentences from
this article, is fantastic. I'm glad to see Bush is finally getting the press he deserves...

George Bush, Adolf Hitler and Nicolae Ceausescu are being used to persuade people to adopt stray dogs in Romania

"Our idea is to make people sensitive to what an animal can offer in terms of affection by showing them that even the most hated dictators on this planet received love from their dogs.

[Disclaimer added for those on the right who are determined to read everything completely literally: I do not think George Bush is the equivalent of Adolf Hitler. I just thought it amusing that this article appeared to be implying that. Apologies for not treating anyone who reads this as a complete imbecile.]


Varangy said...


No matter how much you hate Bush. You really can't be serious here. If my feeble mind is correct in understanding your interpretation of the article, you think that:

a) Bush is a dictator

b) and on par with Hitler and Ceausescu?

Are you insane? I mean, hate Bush all you want, but you apparently don't realize how you demean those who have suffered under a dictator with such patently false and hyperbolic comparisons.


Andy H said...

Unfortunately your feeble mind let you down.

I am interpreting the article how it is written and finding it funny. I mean anyone reading it will see that it equates Bush with Hitler and Ceasescu. And the reason I found that funny is that it is ridiculous, even though I think Bush is an appalling president.

Varangy said...

You're right. My mind is feeble.

But only cuz your your atrocious writing has enfeebled it.

"I'm glad to see Bush is finally getting the press he deserves..."

Andy H said...

It was a flippant remark, varangy, for christ's sake. I know you people on the right don't do humour, but come on.

Do I really need to flag everything like this? Do you need me to put smiling icons in these posts? Maybe I'll just put a disclaimer at the bottom of each post along the lines of "Not everything here is meant to be taken 100% literally"

And it was you who suggested you had a feeble mind, not me.