Monday, September 26, 2005

Sinking to a new low

This evening I sent my six year old stepdaughter out to buy me a bottle of beer. Which she did. I believe the next step is to send her round the corner to score me some crack.

To be fair (i.e. to make me look not quite as bad), she was going to the shop anyway, and I asked as a bit of a joke assuming that she wouldn't be able to, but then her mother affirmed that she would be able to without a problem. So, I swallowed 6 years of living in the heavily-alcohol-conscious US and promptly handed her an empty bottle to exchange for a full one. (And some money, they don't, sadly, just exchange empty bottles for full ones without accompanying financial inducements).

Bit busy this week teaching an intensive course so may be posting occasionally and at less length than normal.

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smoke bloke said...

Excellent work. I've trained my own daughters (7 and 9) to roll my cigarettes and then, if I run out of tobacco, make fresh ones out of the dog-ends in the ashtrays. Next step will be teaching them how to inhale properly - it's embarrassing for them when their more baccy-sophisticated friends are round and they start coughing after a couple of tokes.