Friday, September 16, 2005

Low Cost Romania (brief reprise)

I have just discovered that Sky Europe have won permission to fly to Bucharest and will be doing so from early December. They're only flying to Bratislava initially, but given that Bratislava is within spitting distance of Vienna it is defintely a step in the right direction, and they also fly on from Bratislava to useful places (for yours truly) like London Stansted.

This will be the first true low cost airline (to my knowledge) in Bucharest. There is something called Air Blue or Blue Air or something, but having checked out their prices, "low cost" seems to mean "not well known" in this case. There's also something called CarpatAir which flies to Italy and Germany from small airports in Romania via Timisoara, but they're not terribly cheap either.

It's good news, even though it still involves a 3¾ hour drive from here to Otopeni or Baneasa airports in Bucharest.

This isn't a very interesting post is it?


Michael Furey said...

I don't know, people in old Europe are always looking for new holiday destinations, so the low cost airline news should point to good news ahead.

Well, good news if you own a bar, hotel or estate agency.

Mihai said...

SkyEurope is the third airline to fly to Bucharest. The other two are BlueAir and MyAir. BlueAir is indeed not particularly cheap - it's still classified as low-fares though but SkyEurope is a much cheaper option. MyAir (Italian airline) flies to some Italian destinations, but it is quite obscure. So SkyEurope is indeed the first really cheap and well-known airline to fly to Romania.

Carpatair is a large Romanian airline - the second largest after TAROM - and has never branded itself as "low-fares". It's a regional airline, owned by the former Crossair of Switzerland, and it provides really good quality services to a wide range of destinations throughout Romania, Germany and Italy. But it's just as expensive as any other full-price airline.