Thursday, September 01, 2005

The storks are not what they seem

Earlier this week Erika got a call to see if she could help the New York Times SE Europe correspondent file a story about the floods last week in Udvarhely, and the contribution that illegal logging may have made to their severity. Anyway, she was able to fix him up with a fixer (an item of vocabulary I learned today) and he is still there having shot a film for the Beeb as well as writing a report for the NYT. So anyone with access to the BBC may still get to shortly see a report on the floods in Harghita County. I'll keep an eye out for it on the website and link if it comes up. The NYT's SE Europe correspondent (Nick Woods) lives in Ljubljana which much mean he doesn't make it over to Romania and Bulgaria that often at a guess.

We're going to have a good late summer/early autumn. I am told this is certain because the storks are still here. Apparently last year the storks left on August 20th (All of them on the same day? No idea.) But as of yesterday at least they were still in the area hanging round in those massive nests they make. I'll let you know whether this is true or nonsense as the season progresses


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Andy H said...

Both of you who end up reading the comments will be glad to know that I have now turned on some kind of system to prevent something like the above. Though I do like "check out my instant credit card related site. It is about instant credit cards" Well, fuck me.

nojer said...

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