Thursday, September 15, 2005

Low cost Romania

While wandering round the 'net today I came across this article on the uninteresting topic of Renault's sales in Europe. What caught my eye however, was the following sentence "The Dacia, which means "low cost", company in Romania is fully focused on the Logan model and can make 200,000 vehicles per year."

I imagine there would be a large number of Romanians who would be as surprised as I was to learn that "Dacia" actually means "low cost". There was I thinking it was an ancient region of Europe roughly corresponding to modern day Romania.

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Anonymous said...

The Dacia is an essential part of a Romanian lay-by picnic. I wonder if there is a word in Romanian to describe a roadside picnic with mici, manele, one or two pre-Logan Dacias, a camp fire and lots of coke bottles and rubbish left lying around afterwards.