Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A citizen of nowhere checks out

I've reached the conclusion that trying to fight for and advocate what is best for the UK now has to take second place to advocating for what is best for the EU. And clearly what is best for the EU is that the UK, this shitshow of a country, with its pathetic lying useless politicians who care only about themselves and nothing beyond that, as well as its hard right xenophobic media, leaves as soon as possible.
It's not that the EU is somehow perfect, obviously far from it, but it has things that it needs to focus on, problems that it needs to face, and challenges that it has to address. And waiting for the utterly pathetic UK to get its shit together is no longer one of those challenges.
It's tragic for the people in Britain that I know and love and especially for the foreigners living here who are getting utterly screwed by these self-obsessed racist tossers, but it's clear that nobody who has any power or influence in the UK will ever say "Listen we need to stop. This is stupid.", so let's just move on. Britain can carry on living in the past and the rest of us can move on and see how we can best approach the future.

Britain has told me that I'm not wanted, denying me any form of representation, and calling me (and millions like me) a "Citizen of Nowhere". While at one time this might have caused me an identity crisis of a sort, now it just makes me think "fuck you".  Fuck you Britain, fuck you Theresa May, fuck you you xenophobic disgusting wankers who run that small minded, small country which used to have a point.