Thursday, May 04, 2006

May Be Cold

April was very springlike and warm. May, so far, has been cold - at least here, May 1st, we celebrated international workers day in Marosvasarhely which was much nicer - this morning that little thing over to the right showed the temperature at 6am as being -3. In May. It's not right I tell you.

Meanwhile, a picture:

It took me a while to work out just what was wrong with the name "Transilvanian Trousers Company", until I realised that even though as a noun trousers is always rendered in the plural, as an adjective (as it is here) the word is trouser (as in trouser leg, trouser pocket, etc). Shame really, because I imagine Transilvanian Trousers could sweep the entire world with their ineffable coolness.

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Roxa said...

How the heck I didn`t see this blog first ? :) Hello from "Marosvasarhely" :)