Thursday, November 30, 2006

Boldog Nevnapom

Or should that be Nevnapomot?

Anyway, today is my "name day", a fact which passes me by everywhere else but here, where these things are paid attention to. I did actually know that November 30th was St Andrew's day, but only because he's the patron saint of Scotland, and not because there is any connection between him and me.

Nobody's wished me Happy Name Day yet, so I'm doing it here to myself, in some kind of sad self-pitying way. In a minute I'll have to go and get myself a bunch of flowers (the usual nevnap present). I suppose I could combine the twin St Andrew concepts and have some whisky instead, which might be more suitable and actually does sound quite appealing.

(This post sounds terribly pathetic, so I feel I ought to point out that I am perfectly well and happy and writing this with a (small) smile on my face, so don't feel you need to email me with name day greetings to cheer me up. Not that you would anyway, since you all just don't care.)


Anonymous said...

Happy name day, Andy H. ! :-)
I wish you all the best to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Boldog ne'vnapot ki'va'nok! I enjoy
reading your blog. Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Happy name day! Boldog nevnapot!

You're lucky. I have at least *two* name days. The one is a saint and the other... a not saint.

Anonymous said...

Boldog nevnapUNK! :D

Anonymous said...

Salutari de la Poiana Vulpii.

La multzi ani, Andy! (cam tirziu, stiu...)
Si eu citesc cu mare curiozitate blogul tau si citeodata ma intreb cit o sa mai rezisti la Ciuc. Inca o iarna? Doua? Trei? Zece?
Cum a fost parada de 1 decembrie? Sau, mai bine zis, a fost sau n-a fost? :-)

Andy said...

Thanks for all the andy-greetings, all, and happy name day back at you ada.

And hi Mihaela, thanks for writing. Hope you don't mind me responding in English, but while I can understand Romanian pretty well (both reading and listening) my production of the language is shamefully poor - The only excuse I have is that I'm focussing on Hungarian.

This will be my third winter in Ciuc. (And it seems to have started today) I don't mind the cold (and especially because we don't really get wind),but it;s the length of the winter that gets me down in the end. Two months would be fine. Five or six is just too long.