Monday, January 08, 2007


With much of the far right of (old) Europe convulsed by the threat of the vast number of Romanians (read: gypsies) flooding across the continent, it seems that Romania has given those scummers something to be glad about: "Romania's first gift to the European Union" is apparently Vadim Tudor and his coterie of extremist nationalist wankers, making up the numbers for the European Parliament to have a neo-fascist caucus.

(But what I don't understand is that this is possible because this bloc now has enough MEPs in it to be formed - but Romania has never had any MEP elections - where are these MEPS from? Can anyone help?)


Anonymous said...

The MEPs had observer status (ie, they were not entitled to vote) in the latter part of the accession period. Their political make-up reflects that of the national parliaments of both RO and BG: the seat allocation is extrapolated -- or rather, boiled down -- to fill RO's and BG's respective quotas.
EU membership has now transformed these guys into full-blown MEPS, pending European elections later this year.

Andy said...

Thanks anon. That's cleared that up. Still seems a bit rich that they get to help form a neo-fascist caucus, but sadly I wouldn't hold out any hope for a better (ie less PRM/other far right) make up of any elected set of MEPs at present.

Bicyclemark said...

oooh.. you know who else is part of the caucus... (Im pretty sure) Alexandra Mussolini... the granddaughter and former playboy covergirl. The EU is so much more fun than regular national gov.

Anonymous said...

You're right, it's not gonna get any better: although Vadim is shrinking in RO, that Becali retard is in the process of superseding him, so they will probably share the fascist/fundamentalist vote (If anything, Becali is even closer to the pre-war Iron Guard mindset, but through some mysterious alchemy considered more acceptable and basking in the approval of the grotesquely reactionary Orthodox church). And in BG, which until recently was --uniquely among EE counties -- almost far-right free, the local racist nutter, Volen Siderov, is on the up. It is, unfortunately, the price one pays for extending the EU to countries that are politically and socially immature, as was made abundantly clear by the Polish case. A good thing in the longer term, no doubt, but a pain in the arse in some more immediate and visible ways. Andre