Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Catching Up

Got back home on Monday evening, with much relief. A week is hard enough to be away, whereas I was gone for nearly 4. In my absence, Paula has stopped climbing on everything (or rather she's no longer obsessively climbing on everything), and is now veryinto walking around on tiptoes. She is also calling everyone bigger than herself "Anyu" or "Anyuka", which is a bit disconcerting. (For non-Hungarian speakers, these are roughly equivalent to "mum" and "mummy", but its unusual even here for babies to skip over the interim "mama" step before going straight to the more commonly used version). Bogi on the other hand has come down with chicken pox (every year I go to to the same conference in the UK in April, and every year while I'm there, Bogi picks up some childhood ailment - last year mumps, this year chicken pox). Fortunately it's a mild case and she isn't itching, she just looks dead spotty.

Now, the next stage in the revolving door family has kicked in, as Erika left this morning for a project meeting in France. We are obviously an international bunch.

Romania made the international news last week twice - once for the political turmoil, with the government suspending the president, pending a referendum on impeachment which he will clearly win -an act that strikes me as being bafflingly time-wasting. But there you go. Secondly because one of the teachers killed at Virginia Tech was a 76 year old holocaust survivor from here.

More to follow, when I have a moment after the kids have crashed.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back :)

*I coming for a wedding (Robi's little sister this time) to your town between 18-20 May. Maybe this time we'll have more luck with the meeting ?

Andy said...

Cool. I should be around then, insha'allah.

dumneazu said...

No rest for the weary! We need to hear what you think of the Bengalis, the wanking american, and BaseCool! Don't let us down! You've been gone and neglecting the loyal fans too long. Blogging takes only a minute, really. That's how long our attention spans run, anyway. Welcome home... Spring in the Harghita, I envy you...