Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Televisual Feast

This blog is soon, maybe, it is possible, if the stars align correctly, going to go televisual. I have filmed a short piece for Villagunk, a show on Duna TV (that's the BBC of Hungary). When I say "I have filmed" I mean my neighbour Denes has filmed a short piece in which I appear. There is a possibility that this will turn into a more regular thing.

Anyway, I have no idea when this will appear, and so if I hear in advance I'll give you a heads up so you can all tune in (if you get Duna) and watch Csikszereda Musings in it's new format.

Don't worry, I'm not going to stop writing (I know you must both have been panicked by the thought), but right now I'm in Kazakhstan, and am too busy to write much. So, I'll do some more when I have time.



Gadjo Dilo said...

Terrific. Yes, please let us both* know where it's on. We used to get Duna, maybe we still do; though presumably, as seems to be their policy, your voice will be dubbed into Hungarian.

* Who's the other one? The virulant nationalist whose postings you filter out? ;-)

Andy said...

No, I'm going to be subtitled. A bit of a radical departure for Hungarian TV I know, but in the context (ie that of an English bloke living in Transylvania), it would be even more ridiculous to dub me than it normally is to dub everything else.