Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stupid quiz

A completely gratuitous and apropos-of-nothing-in-particular quiz for your Thursday pleasure.

Translate the following. What's the link?
  1. Öreg sonka
  2. Enterrer
  3. Casco
  4. Ficat piscină
  5. Schüren
  6. Lupi
  7. Novo castelo
  8. Mlýn zeď
  9. Okuma
  10. Zapad šunka
Note: I can not actually vouch for the perfection of many of these translations, but as far as I can tell they work.


Anonymous said...

Hehe, nice :) Without looking on Google Translate, I think that:
#4 = Liverpool
#7 = Newcastle
#10 = West Ham

Andy said...

So far so good, Iulian.

(languages 4 = Romanian, 7= Portuguese, and 10 = Croatian)

(as you may have already figured out each one is in a different language --and I guess by the fact that you got #10 that you know the connection)

Andy said...

That didn't really excite much interest did it? Anyway, in case anyone cares, the answers are as follows:
1. Oldham (Hungarian)
2. Bury (French)
3. Hull (Spanish)
4. Liverpool (Romanian)
5. Stoke (German)
6. Wolves (Italian)
7. Newcastle (Portuguese)
8. Millwall (Czech)
9. Reading (Turkish)
10. West Ham (Croatian)

Connection: all English football teams