Friday, January 23, 2009

Best place in Romania and Hungary combined

I have decided to declare a unilateral ceasefire in my current angry rants on the state of the World's media and their signing up to the "Israel is just a poor victim" lobby. It doesn't mean that steam is not still coming out of my ears.

Instead, in a much much lighter note, I need to point out that Csikszereda is quite clearly and by a large margin, the most important and powerful town/city in both Romania and Hungary combined*.

I mean take a look at this table:
  1. HC Csikszereda
  2. SC Miercurea Ciuc
  3. Ujpesti TE (Budapest)
  4. Budapest NZ Stars
  5. Dab Docler (Dunaujvaros)
  6. Steaua Bucuresti
  7. Ferencvarosi TC (Budapest)
  8. Progym Gheorgheni
  9. Miskolci JJSE
  10. Alba Volan SC II (Szekesfehervar)

This is the final standings in the MOL Liga - the ice hockey league that covers both Hungary and Romania. The sharper eyed amongst you will have noticed that both the first and second clubs in this table are from the same town. This one. So, it is clear that we are obviously and without a shadow of a doubt the biggest, most important, incredibly top city in the two countries*. So inyourface Budapest and Bucharest (and Szeged and Cluj and Iasi and Debrecen and Constanta and Brasov and Miskolc and wherever else). We rule!*

(*In ice hockey)


Gadjo Dilo said...

Well done Csikszereda/Miercurea Ciuc!! I suppose it's a result of being in that frost pocket - every football pitch is an ice-skating rink during wintertime.

I for one have felt very well-informed by your posts about the current Middle-East situation, Andy; I just haven't commented much as I've felt personally rather short of expertise on this difficult subject.

Anonymous said...

We in Cluj will get you next year! :P