Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bushian Logic

Over the course of the last few days, I have received a lot of correspondence (here as comments, by email, and other places where I hang out on the net) which for the most part make the same odd logical leap (sometimes aggressively, sometimes nicely, sometimes filled with bile and invective), which I'm at a loss to really follow. that is that by criticising and expressing my anger at the Israeli bombardment/war on Gaza, I am therefore supporting Hamas. How does that work? Bush and his supporters used the same one when trying to justify their attack on Iraq. "if you don't support our invasion, you must think Saddam is great" Has this kind of "logic" gained common currency these days? What's all that about?


Anonymous said...

Clearly, you're pro-terrorism.

Every time a hero comes along to thwart evil and restore balance to the universe, you leap out of the shadows to defend the terrorists and shriek propaganda at us about how our proper place is cowering in the corner in fear of our lives.

All your Chamberlain rubbish of humanity, brotherhood, and understanding is a real bother. In the digital century, you're either on the side of righteousness or about to be switched off.

Yours in balderdash and sarcasm,
Guess Who

Anonymous said...

I've read some comments seems there are a lot of freaks outside there...
How comes someone who's against this war in Gaza supports the Hamas? Everyone with common sense and who is not intoxicated by media wouldn't support this mass murder...
Keep up the good work with your articles on this subject!
Just ignore the freaks.

Anonymous said...

I've heard about a movie which won a Golden Globe -as a foreign movie- this year: Waltz with Bashir.(director Ari Folman)
It is about the massacre of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, in 1981.
Highly recommended.

Andy said...

I've heard about that film too. I'd love to see it. It sounds really powerful.